Equality & Diversity

Equality Objectives

Prestige Skills Ltd are committed to achieving equality throughout the organisation.

We support and promote an inclusive positive working environment, which will embed diversity and equality in all areas of our service and the way we provide it.


Equality ensures that everybody receives fair and equal treatment at all times.

Equality of opportunity relates to the recruitment, retention and development of our staff and also how we deliver our services to our clients.


Everybody is different and we all have different requirements and needs, we speak different languages and have different skills and beliefs, diversity is the mix of difference within organisations and communities.
‘Diversity is about valuing individual difference’


Prestige Skills Ltd is an Equality & Diversity Employer.


Our aim is to provide Equality & Diversity to all within Prestige Skills, irrespective of their gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, age,nationality, national origin, sexuality, religion, marital status and social class. We oppose all forms of discrimination.

All employees and job applicants, whether part time, full time or temporary, will be treated fairly and equally. Selection for employment, promotion, training, transfer or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude, ability, merit, qualification and fitness for the job.

All employees will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.


The Managing Director, Mr Paul Harding, has specific responsibility for Equality & Diversity matters and will ensure that the Policy is communicated to all employees and if possible to all job applicants.

Prestige Skills Ltd has developed procedures, which supported by the Companies Organisational structure will best suit its particular needs and requirements. By adopting this approach, it is believed that the Company will create and promote the adoption of Equality & Diversity at work, and ensure that all those employed or under its control become familiar with their Statutory Obligations under the current legislation.

The Company will provide all employees with training and guidance which may improve their prospects within the company, and which will enhance their understanding of the need for Equality & Diversity.

We will regularly monitor staff to identify any signs of inequality in recruitment, grading, pay and career progression, and take positive action to redress them.


Prestige Skills Ltd aims are:
To recruit employees on a fair and non-discriminatory basis

  • Use a wide range of organisations to advertise its vacancies (e.g.
    job centres, local press, career offices, specialist publications) with
    the aim to attract interest of a wider community.
  • Ensure that the wording of job adverts does not place unfair
    restrictions or requirements on a particular group or groups which are
    not necessary for the effective performance of the job for example: We
    are committed to Equality & Diversity and welcome applications from all
    sectors of the community.
  • Ensure that the adverts include wording demonstrating the Company’s
    commitment to equality of opportunity and encouraging application
    from unrepresented groups for jobs with the company for example:
    Applications for this position are particularly welcome from
    people with an ethnic minority background and people with
    disabilities, as they are currently under represented in our
  • Recruitment only by “word of mouth”, which is unlawful, will not be
    practised by the company since may restrict diversity
  • All persons responsible for recruitment, selection, promotion and
    transfer of staff will receive ongoing training in Equality &
    Diversity to stay current with legislation and to develop the
    necessary skills to translate Equality & Diversity in employment
    policy into practice.

To select employees on a fair and non-discriminatory basis

  • The Company will measure the suitability of each applicant/candidate
    against the requirement for the job.

To promote employees on a fair and non-discriminatory basis

  • Promotion criteria are based specifically on the individual’s aptitude,
    ability, merit, qualification and fitness for the job. The Company will
    periodically review promotion procedures. Records will be kept.

Where necessary, to transfer employees on a fair and non-discriminatory basis

  • The Company will not automatically transfer employees who complaint of
    racial discrimination. The Company will periodically review its criteria
    for transferring employees. Records will be kept.

Ensure that all its employees have equal access to training and development opportunities. Records will be kept.

Prestige Skills Ltd will not tolerate: Harassment, Sexual harassment, Bullying, Vilification, Victimisation.

Promoting Equality & Diversity is fully supported by senior management.

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Knowledgeable and experienced staff

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They were very good and reliable and won’t rip you off.

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Excellent heating and plumbing work carried out very quickly and for a very reasonable price. Radiator bled, balanced, and new radiators fitted. Would definitely recommend.

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Great company with great staff and must be the tidiest workmen I’ve ever seen!

Gary Twist

If I ever have any plumbing or heating problems Prestige are always my first call! Every time they have been I’ve been very impressed. They are always happy to talk through the issue at hand and give good advice on the aftercare and things to look out for moving forward.

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