Compliance Suite


Prestige Skills has Identified the importance of seamless managed service when undertaking projects for our clients. We have taken an innovative approach to our services to ensure we can provide the full package.

Sales Suite
Lead’s Quoting Marketing
Prestige Skills Sales Suite provides our team with the ability to manage leads and enquiries efficiently. We manage sales appointments and store all our quotes in one place generating reports on sales. We control contacts, customers and suppliers on one system ensuring marketing projects reach all our clients.
Job Management Suite
Job’s Field Inventory
Tasks Asset’s
At Prestige Skills our job management suite keeps our workload in one system managing jobs, quotes, invoices, reports, leads and expenses! We can also keep track of inventory stock levels and orders. Our field staff can log in and view their assigned jobs and can manage these in the management center. We manage and develop our asset distribution, maintenance and utilisation.
Planning, Monitoring and Travel management Suite
Vehicle Tracking Location Planning Dashcam
Diary Planning Job Sheet Scheduling
Knowing our workers diaries means we plan jobs effectively and by keeping track of our vehicles in the field we can allocate any priority work to staff based on their availability and current location. By location planning jobs we ensure that time spent travelling between jobs is minimised, factoring in our dashcam software by receiving live video footage of company vehicles ensures peace of mind and best driver practices are met. We track and correlate all our users time spent on jobs via our admin system enabling us to filter reports and for users to see their timesheets on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
Compliance Suite
SLA Tracking Files Management Health and Safety
Mobile Documents Questionnaires Policy Management QMS
HR Management
Prestige Skills Compliance Suite allows us to set service levels against actions within our system having automatic alerts set up to notify staff of when KPI’s are met. Regular health and safety checks help us create a report to explain what were doing well and where we could improve. We store all our documents and attachments in our file manager and make these accessible to our workers through their mobile devices. Our workers also have mobile access to our questionnaires which are set for customers to fill in before or after a job allowing us to track customer satisfaction and worker efficiency. All these systems ensure we are able to effectively manage tasks, jobs and staff effectively
Communication Suite
Customer Supplier Help Desk
Being able to track calls, emails, tasks and complaints allows us to communicate with ease. Our customers are kept up to date with each stage of their jobs to reduce calls within our offices. We have all our suppliers imported onto the one system so they don’t need to be manually entered and we easily can keep track of their information. Our help desk effectively manages customer queries allowing for a quicker response time
Finance Suite
Invoicing Expenses Purchase Orders
Finance Integrations
Prestige Skills Finance Suite allows us to manage our banking, customers and suppliers in one place. Allowing us to manage paid and overdue invoices and set payment terms for each customer. We track our expenses as and when they occur allowing costs to be assigned to specific jobs to see the true profit of every job and customer. We integrate our purchase orders to the system allowing us to approve user purchases, set purchase orders as paid, search for purchases and view order statements.
Project Suite
Management Scheduling Workforce
We manage all our projects and track our progress against financial reports to ensure a budget is being met. Our project suite allows us to plan our work, quote for it and commit to it by automatically creating the work. This allows us to track the progress.
PS Connect Suite
Support Training Help
Point of contact Face to Face Meetings All Parties
Prestige Skills Connect Suite offers constant support to all existing and potential customers with our very helpful and friendly customer service team, offering phone, social and email support. We offer training to all members who need a recap of the system or a particular feature explained to them. We have training process in place for quick training need and to help new starters. Having this initial point of contact with the business ensures ease of access for clients to get advice in an instant.

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