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Prestige Skills are proud to be accredited boiler installers by Trustmark, Quality mark and Gas Safe. By choosing us to fit your new replacement boiler, you are safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the best of workmanship and service.


Combi boilers have two independent heat exchangers; one of which carries a pipe through to the radiators, while the other carries a similar pipe through to the hot water supply.

When you turn a hot tap on, your boiler fires up to heat water and a valve is opened to send the water out through a network of pipes.

A combi boiler will usually need to pause from heating the central heating water for your radiators while it’s heating the hot water for your tap, because they often can’t supply enough heat to supply to both at the same time. For this reason, you might hear your boiler switching on and off when you run a hot water tap even if they’re already lit to power the central heating.

A conventional boiler is also sometimes called a heat only boiler. This type of boiler uses hot and cold water storage tanks, usually installed in your home’s loft. The boiler unit is plugged into your mains, which supplies the water to be used in your home.

The boiler fires up by igniting its fuel, usually gas or oil. The heat exchanger warms up the water. A pump transports the water to the hot water storage tank for use throughout the day. When you set your thermostat, the hot water moves to through your radiators, emitting its heat energy to warm up the room.

The hot water is also directed to water outlets in your bathroom and kitchen when you turn on a tap.

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