How Prestige Works?



We Providing fully Qualified And Experienced Plumbing and Heating Engineers



We Provide A Workforce To Undertake Metering And Smart Metering Projects



We Provide A Gas Safe Registered Expert, Local To You.

Why Choose Prestige skills?

Purchase your boiler quickly online.
Experts providing recommendations on boilers that will suit you.
Capable of providing and installing your boiler within 24hours.
Variety of boiler warranty.

Baxi 600 Combi, 24KW


7 year warranty included
Delivered and installed

Prestige Skills Installations include Wireless Smart Thermostats

We include the latest in central heating technology with all combi boiler installations. Capable of controlling your central heating from your phone, Adjusting temperatures, timers and capable of turning on or off the central heating.

Prestige Skills Boiler Protection

We supply and fit a magnetic filter with every boiler installation. The purpose of the filter is to prevent debris damaging parts within the boiler such as the heat exchanger, protecting the longevity of you boiler.

Experts providing recommendations on boilers that will suit you.

Arrange an appointment with one of our Prestige Skills experts. Your survey will be free of charge with no obligation to buy.
During the appointment, your Prestige Skills boiler expert will conduct a
survey and ensure that you get a boiler that’s right for your needs.
Your Prestige skills engineer will install your boiler on a date that’s
convenient for you and explain how to use it afterwards.

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